"The DISCOVER course was unbelievable. Gianni understands you and knows you better than you do. He brings something out of you in his courses. I found it very inspiring and would love to do this course again."

Philip Deplaecie, Salon Owner: Coiffure Hair -Hairdresser for 25 years

"I've had the pleasure of working with Gianni Scumaci...It's helped me to build my clientele even further, to look at the detail in my work and think about how I can improve it. I now also think about what I am doing and why I am doing it... I've loved working with you Gianni -it's been amazing."

Jonathan -John Freida -Hairdresser for 8 years

"I feel I've improved so much technically in styling and cutting, and my communication with my clients is so much better now! I now understand that I can do a certain haircut and why I want to do it."

Mitchell Labrook -John Frieda Salons

"It's been a fantastic experience! My clients are noticing that I am doing things differently even if they are not sure exactly what it is. It's so interesting to be able to take yourself out of what you already know and develop into another type of hairdresser -thank you Gianni."

Mark -John Freida -Hairdressing for 29 years

"Gianni is pure inspiration for me. Thank you for so much love, strength and passion that you put into your wonderful workshops. It has changed my way of cutting hair enormously and in a new way. I think Gianni is a great artist of our time and would highly recommend the GS Education courses to salon owners for their teams."

Ümit Akbulut

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